”Internet Plus“ era, How to take the traditional translation industry

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The Internet recently sold buns event Bo a lot of people's eyes, thinking of the Internet selling buns to let you see is not only a small steamed stuffed bun behind the huge profits, more is the impact of the Internet thinking on cross-border subversion of the industry. Traditional industries calm behind the huge crisis and the temptation of the Internet this huge cake, so that traditional industries on the Internet this platform scramble.

"China's Internet is accelerating the culling of China's traditional industries," said Robin Li, head of Baidu at the Baidu alliance summit. "This is a terrible trend.". This means that more and larger industries outside the Internet will be hit, and have successfully entered the camp or half of the Internet has entered the foot of the enterprise, is facing unlimited opportunities.

However, there are always some industries under the dual pressures of crisis and temptation, still going their own way. Such as education, abroad 20 years ago through the Internet to communicate with the teacher, the teacher will send email, half an hour to give students feedback, learning motivation this immediate feedback effect will make the students have a stronger, better learning effect. But why don't Chinese schools do that? At nine in the evening, students submit their assignments and give them feedback at half past nine, so that students will be more active and more targeted to study at night, but Chinese education practitioners are more inclined to ask students questions in class for second days. This kind of thinking can only exist in public institutions, let go of the market, such enterprises, in addition to reform is closed, there will be no other results.

For the national people in the industry, in fact, the competition is very fierce in institutions outside, a lot of people are using the Internet, using the Internet mechanism, use our passion and dream of the Internet to change the traditional industry, thus creating a very lively situation.

For example, the translation industry, this industry is a not too familiar with the industry for the general public, the industry is still in the stage of the blue ocean, like a precious ore contains hills, not yet been aware of its value.

This industry is in the worst stage is the best stage, bad in the translation market demand has not yet been fully excavated, the translation market is just like an iceberg, exposed on the surface of the water is only 20%; however, there are 80% individual translation demands have not been met. Fortunately, the Internet has provided us with such an opportunity. Under the trend of industry O2O, the mode of personal translator service and personal translation demand has been gradually recognized.

A well-known domestic translation company developed a use for the interpreters have a language ability, translation ability of the APP guest legend, the personal translation needs with "micro tasks" show on the platform, let the language users to lead the task, to solve the problem of personal translation. Compared with the traditional mode of translation from the point of view, this is a real sense of "Internet plus" products.

The fragmentation of the time it integrates the capacity for language users, the fragmentation of time to focus on the mobile terminal, the mobile terminal to achieve the ability of language conversion, translation whenever and wherever possible to help solve personal, outbound and overseas exchanges, individual foreign exchange. The guests only need to know the language interpreter legend, rather than the master to complete the above translation, which integrates the "idle" language ability, let the "idle" language ability to play its value, help others to solve the problems related to translation, translators improve self ability, help the interpreter to get some fun and in return, to achieve a win-win situation.

Above is the transformation of traditional industries in the big wave of mobile Internet under the microcosm, want to become a leader in the transformation, has become a classic case of Internet plus, there is a long way to go.