What are the differences between English Translation and German Translation?

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After more and more frequent exchanges between domestic and foreign countries, there is also a domestic translation industry. Nowadays, English has become the most widely used language in the world. In China's translation industry, the English translation has also been very mature. With the multi angle development of trade and the accelerated pace of reform and opening up, China and more countries have exchanged. So what are the differences between English translation and German translation?

There is still a lot of communication between China and Germany. Whether it is cultural or economic, there are many cooperation projects in the two countries, so the translation of German is also mature.

For both English and German, the two languages belong to the European language. Let us analyze the differences between the two languages. First of all, many of our people have English learning experience, relatively speaking, we are more familiar with english. And German, unless we take the time to study, we don't understand German at all, which gives us a simple impression of English as compared to german.

Then what are the characteristics of English translation and German translation in translation? Relatively speaking, the German pronunciation is still less than English, in the pronunciation system, Shanghai is simpler, easier to master. But note that in vocabulary and grammar rules change, rather than English, that too much horror.

People who know German must know that there are many twists and turns in inflection. The key is that some changes can not be found at all. So in the face of such problems, estimate the learner is only rote of envy. Therefore, German is really difficult to master in English, so German translation is more difficult than English translation. Because of this, German forensic doctors have now been regarded as one of the highly paid jobs.