1E Translation boasts rich experience in providing professional document translation services in the following industries:

Biotechnology and Agriculture: scientific literature, dissertation, experimental reports, popular science articles, and industry orientation reports.

Pharmacy and Chemicals: experimental reports, dissertation, and R&D programs.

Finance: financial reports, accounting reports, audit reports, asset evaluation reports, prospectuses, announcement of listed companies, major contracts, restructuring and reorganization agreements, employee shareholding plans, underwriting agreements, strategic investor agreements, investment and financing agreements, annual reports of listed companies.

Construction and Real Estate:project planning schemes, proposals, advertisements, press releases, land use plans, bidding documents, feasibility analysis reports.

MICE: proposals, attractions, hotels and activities introduction.

Painting and Art: rofessional production description, publicity programs, and art publications.

Immigration: sheets, bank statements, visas and identification, business plans, Private Placement Memorandum(PPM), subscription agreements, escrow agreements, operating agreement.

Legal: contracts and agreements, regulations, judgement, administrative provisions, government documents, articles of association, notice, industrial regulations.

Mechanical Automation: product manuals, brochures, technical specifications, installation manuals, industry standards, test documentation.

Culture, education, and government: work reports, office documents, and speeches.

Marketing: press releases, promotional documents and advertisements, marketing research reports, sales training materials.